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Hemlock Lane Designs, LLC is a handmade furniture and design company specializing in custom woodworking, furniture, home decor and repurposed items. The shop was founded by Mark and Shawn, a father and son team with over 20 years of experience in vintage home restoration and woodworking in the Laurel Highlands. Their family has lived in the area for more than five generations.


The shop resides in a carriage house located next to a former general store that was built in 1906. Their family bought the buildings in 1998 and over several years restored the general store to be their family home. The carriage house was used as a garage and workshop for their contracting work until 2019 when they had the opportunity to renovate it and open the retail shop.


Hemlock Lane Designs is dedicated to quality workmanship and building lasting relationships with their clients. Our furniture and home décor items are designed and built to be family heirlooms.

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