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Waxed Canvas Gear

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Natural Jute Rugs

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What are Earth Rugs™?

Earth Rugs™ are made from 100% organic, natural jute fiber. Jute fiber is harvested from the bamboo-like Jute plant. Earth Rugs™ are products of the weavers art practiced for centuries by the native craftspeople of Bangladesh and India. Our rich colors and authentic designs are rooted in American tradition. Jute Rugs date back to the very beginning of rug weaving. Jute Rugs were used extensively in the 17th through the 19th centuries throughout the old British Empire. Earth Rugs™ are eco-friendly and jute is naturally biodegradable!

What is Jute?

Jute is a primary resource fiber, produced directly from the earth and is a sustainable resource! Jute is a reed, like bamboo, that grows best in fertile delta soil. The Jute plant is harvested then split open to expose the inner fibers. The inner fibers of the Jute stalk are very soft and after retting, cleaning and combing they are spun into yarn. Jute is biodegradable.  Jute grown in the rich delta soil of Bangladesh is organic too!

How durable are Earth Rugs™?

Jute is one of the strongest fibers known to man! It was used on seagoing ships before the invention of steel cables. Woven into rugs, jute fibers provide lasting beauty and strength. They withstand commercial use and can last a lifetime in the home.  Reverse rugs and table accents for durability and versatility.

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About Hemlock Lane Designs

 Hemlock Lane Designs is a handmade furniture and design company specializing in custom woodworking, furniture, home decor and repurposed items. Founded by Mark and Shawn, a father and son team with over 20 years of experience in vintage home restoration and woodworking.


Located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Southwest Pennsylvania, Hemlock Lane Designs LLC is dedicated to quality workmanship and building lasting relationships with our clients. Our furniture and home decor items are designed and built to be family heirlooms.

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